How to Clean Mizuki Jewelry Stained Tin Earrings with Hair Dye

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Tin is a type of metal often used for decoration or mizuki jewelry items. If you were using your tin earrings while dyed hair and fell ink in them, you need them to remove fades. Unlike absorbent materials such as fabric and carpet, hair fixing the ink on the tin surface. Remove the paint completely using items that will not damage the earrings is important to keep them in good condition. Fill a bowl with […]

How Do Weiss Jewelry Picot Earrings

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Make your own Weiss jewelry lets you work your creative muscles and gives you the freedom to create pieces that show your favorite colors and that complement your skin tone. The Picot earrings are small beads earrings that create a diamond shape, evocative of income which is named. It is a suitable project for beginners in Weiss jewelry or anyone who likes to do discrete female parts or for gifts that will become timeless pieces. […]

How do Filigree Jewelry

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Filigree jewelry is a delicate type, complex and elegant ornamentation which are usually made ​​of gold, silver or other precious metal. It is formed with twisting and bending the wire to create detailed drawings. Bracelets, necklaces, rings and filigree earrings are often adorned with precious stones finely polished, adding more gently. Do filigree jewelry is time consuming and challenging. Directions How do filigree jewelry Mold several pieces of wire arcs, using the pliers to bend […]

How To Tell If Silver Bloodstone Jewelry Were Carved Or Recorded?

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Carve and record is two separate processes for creating silver bloodstone jewelry. The sculpted jewelry requires a wax replica of the mold is created for the piece being created. The mold is then filled with silver to produce the three-dimensional play. The recording is a method of signing a form or linear pattern directly on the metal surface. There are several types of recording, manual methods of cuts made by laser machines and recorders. With […]

How to Make a Bico Jewelry Clasp S-Shaped

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Bico jewelry clasps are an essential component for many necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They allow these adornments are opened, and are placed close. The locks have a wide variety of styles, from simple to magnetic type lobster. Although they are easily available in most retail stores and jewelry items for jewelry, you can also create some types manually. Closure bico jewelry in S format is attractive, safe and easy to make at home with pliers […]