Cleaning Pewter Jewelry

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Pewter jewelry is a common accessory ancient, often formed in fun and whimsical designs. Due to its low cost, is also a common metal today? As a result of possible Bijou age, shape and chemical composition of pewter, the jewels of this material need regular care and maintenance to keep them as impressive as originally intended. Through regular maintenance, you can keep your pewter jewelry in good shape. Directions for how to clean jewelry pewter […]

Ideas Remembrance Jewelry A Loved One

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Remembrance jewelry – When a loved one dies, the reality never able to see it becomes devastating. Photos, candles and other things at a memorial in your home are one of the options to help deal with the loss. A piece of jewelry is also an option when you want a nearby souvenir every day. Traditional heart pendant One of the remembrance jewelry that has been used since the Victorian era is the locket or […]

How to Make Meteorite Jewelry

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The moissanite gems found their place in the world of fashion jewelry. In 1893, a meteorite fell. In this meteorite jewelry was discovered a substance later called moissanite or naturally occurring silicon carbide. The crystals were small and its value seemed limited. Directions Combine the sand silica and carbon at high temperature and pressure until crystals form. In the USA, there is a traditional site Charles & Colvard where the crystals are cut into smaller […]

Love Heals Jewelry of Precious Sapphire and Diamond

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Stones precious minerals are cut and polished often used as love heals jewelry. They traditionally fall into one of two categories: semi-precious and precious. All they are examined for their beauty, durability and rarity, but the gems have higher levels in these categories than semi-precious stones. Despite these two categories are little used in the modern world, four stones are still characterized as “precious”, which are: the diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire. These stones emanate […]

Do It Yourself: Mustard Seed Jewelry

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Jewellery with mustard seed is the idea of religious faith. There are several of these gems that you can buy to represent the faith, or even make your own. Here are presented some strategies to make yourself mustard seed jewelry. Mustard seed necklaces: You can make a jewel using only one string or rope, a mustard seed and a small bottle. Find the mustard seed can be the trickiest part of the process. Bote it […]